Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another Anti-Werner Blog

After six years, WernerScrews is pleased to report that Lady Trucker has created a WebLog. Right on!

Cool name.

You can read her story here. This sentence pretty much tells it all.

“They violated what every working person wants... respect and loyalty.”

Proving once again, Werner doesn’t give a rodent’s butt about its employees.

Creating a Blog is easy and Werner Enterprises hopes screwed employees won’t bother. Werner Enterprises can dismiss one website, but its hired guns—those who work in Marketing and PR—have a much harder time discrediting two or more complaint sites.

WernerScrews received an e-mail from a truck dispatcher. They write:

“Just wanted you to know that I'm not surprised by this site. I know this is

hard for drivers to believe, but they treat dispatchers the same way, at least

the night and weekend people. If a guy would call me and tell me he was tired,

I'd tell him to stop, JT load or not. And trust me, I was busy...I usually had

300 trucks to watch on my shift. There were countless times when a driver would

call me very emotional, wanting to why his home load was taken, as he was

heading home for home time and/or had a family emergency. Even if we put the

note in Qualcomm to send the driver home, days and/or management would take that

load from him. And who got the brunt of their anger? You got it, we did.”

No one is surprised how Werner treats its office employees. However, WernerScrews receives very few comments from its office workers. Send them in! Especially when your at the office busting your butt for C.L.!

Werner Enterprises’ Top Executives Feather Bedding

Executive Pay: The 9/11 Factor (based on a Wall Street Journal article)

WSJ: "As stocks sank after the 9/11 attacks, scores of companies rushed to issue options to top officials. For recipients of options, the lower their company's stock price when options are awarded the better, since the options grant a right to buy shares at that price for years to come. The grants set recipients up for millions of dollars in profit if the shares recovered. Here is a look at grants made in September 2001."

“ Werner Enterprises
Number of top-level executives receiving grants: 5
Total estimated Black-Scholes value at time of grants: $8.5 million
Difference between Sept. 10 close and the options' exercise price: Down 26%

Company comment: Chief Financial Officer John J. Steele said the Sept. 28 grant did not mark a yearly low, and said "no one knew what direction the market was going to move in the future."

The Enron-style executives at Werner Enterprises are Mr. Steele and Mr. Reiser—the “brains” behind Werner Enterprises; ethics are left in the dust to die.

--- WernerScrews 10-4

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bottom Feeding—Not Good Enough

Werner is never satisfied. International dreams of domination drift Werner Enterprises into the global arena—an arena where Werner has NO expertise and NO product or usable service to offer.

Werner hopes to become the next Motorola in China. However, Motorola produces mobile phones. What does Werner offer China?

Werner does no trucking itself in China, instead contracting for its customers with the emerging Chinese trucking industry. Werner's new freight forwarding business

The transportation industry in China is fierce; this is NOT an emerging industry.

The largest transportation company in China is COSCO; COSCO can handle freight forwarding rather well.

The WTO seemingly provided equal footing for foreign companies to do business in China.

At first, Werner will be granted “preferential treatment” in China--much like it has received in the U.S.

Once Werner's Chinese employees learn the business, they will form their own company. Werner will be squeezed out sooner or later; the Chinese Government will always favor a Chinese business over a foreign one.

Werner Executive Management is naive to believe that the “successful” U.S. model of doing business can be transplanted in China.

In conclusion, Werner shareholders need to understand how successful foreign companies survive in China--namely, Intel, Motorola and GM.

Werner is merely capitalizing on International buzzwords and Cloud 9 business models.

Freight forwarding is the smallest of the three, Steele said, but has the most potential for growth.

FUD – Fear, Uncertainty Doubt?
Visit China
and learn for yourself.

Werner is clearly out of its league and should focus on its U.S. operations—cleaning up its safety record, respecting employees as human beings and ceasing its authoritarian behavior.

---WernerScrews 10-4
C.L. in Shanghai

Set your browser for Chinese Language Encoding. Here's Werner's first Chinese (Mandarin) lesson.

Chinese Lesson One:

Playboy 花花公子 (hua hua gong zi):
Most Chinese know this English word. Playboy is a famous name brand of women's and men's shoes. Greg, Dad is hunting some low-mileage women; keep the business on track as C.L. has himself a good time with the little chicks 妓女 (jin nu).

Cheater 骗子 (pian zi). Certainly a word every Werner knows.

C.L. will have it easy in China--only one party to bribe 贿赂 (hui lu). He learned all the tricks when giving "campaign contributions in the U.S."

Another old, horny American businessman with Yellow fever hitting the streets of Shanghai. C.L. your actions reflect Americans so--honestly--keep your yin jing 阳物 in your pants.

---WernerScrews 10-4

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Werner's Promises, Promises and Promises

Werner Enterprises has one of the slickest recruiting websites on the internet. It's pretty darn persuasive. A driver/student driver might believe they will earn decent money working for Werner.

Transportation is a competitive industry and Werner's specialty—the ordinary transportation of business and consumer products—is bottom feeding on tight margins—like Swift, Hunt and similarly WalMart. Despite Werner's slogan, specialized carrier, Werner is not a specialized transportation company.

Werner's Chief Financial Officer Mr. Steele:
"We're seeing a little bit of improved driver recruiting as a result (of both)," Steele said.

In other words, Werner is axing the highest paid drivers and replacing them with equally experienced lower-paid drivers. That's the only logical conclusion one can make from Mr. Steele's statement. Werner has reported a 29% lose this year and the trucking industry is down--at this time.

A few clicks away, Werner's company driver recruiting web page claims $37,306 year. Good money for a driver with less than one year experience. Team drivers are promised $100,000 - $150,000 a year. Good luck.

Student drivers are a good portion of Werner's fleet. WernerScrews guessed that student drivers were earning the same $325 -- $350 week in 2007--the same salary they were earning in 2001. Check Werner's website. Werner neglects inflation.

A lot of conflicting information and promises. Do your homework before joining Werner.

---WernerScrews 10-4