Sunday, August 26, 2007

Omaha Adolf – Raiders of the Lost Arrowheads

WernerScrews has unearthed another rotting corpse in Werner’s quiver: Grave Robbing.

From Flickr:

"The board room itself was also visible from the main lobby. I didn't know it at first, but was later told that the table in the board room was custom made. It had a glass top with an amazing display of Indian arrowheads. Apparently there's a member of the Werner board that has among the most extensive arrowhead collections in the world. When the collection under the glass was assembled, the staff even used masks and white gloves."

A Werner Enterprises' Board of Director, correct my accusations if they are false with solid proof as to the legitimate source of the arrowheads, is engaged in collecting Indian arrowheads. Antiquarians are a polite name for grave robbers; a name used for people who profit from cultural antiquities.

In many cases, obtaining cultural history may be legal, but rarely ethical. Two concerns from professional Anthropologists are that amateurs and antiquarians destroy stratigraphy and are ignorant/disrespectful of the culture they are robbing. Organic materials are destroyed—for example, middens and charcoal. Antiquarians only seek enduring remnants (lithics and pottery), which can be sold. The natural question to ask Werner's Board of Director is where were all these arrowheads found and was a university called to perform an excavation? The Director is guilty of grave robbing, until he has supporting evidence.

Indian Arrowhead sites provide valuable anthropological information on the lifestyles of Native Americans. If an archaeological excavation is performed at the state or university level, information is published and made available to the public, but Werner’s designer arrowhead table, is considered private property—enjoyed by Werner’s Board of Directors, Executive Management and an under-paid janitor who is ordered to clean the coffee spills.

Werner's Hyper-aggressive XYY Mentality and Universal Disrespect for Humanity

In the likes of Rockefeller and Carnegie, C.L. has a truck museum and Big Blue Discounts. Werner, like Uncle McDonald’s, offers minimum wage employment to keep the undesirables of society just off welfare—with the tantalizing chimera of career advancement and internal promotion. Werner Enterprises employs thousands of workers and this fact alone makes them a “respected company”—worthy of the highest admiration and praise from the public.

Next, C.L. Werner what is up with the Plaque of Deceased Drivers who died under Werner employment? Is that a sick tribute, a mockery or both? This plaque could be seen at various Werner terminals.

This might seem like exaggeration, but it is well within Werner’s skewed logic as new, viable antiques for C.L's corporate boardroom.

1. A coprolite statue of C.L.’s head
2. A door knob from the skull of a Werner driver who passed away when hauling Kellogg’s Fruit Loops.

Sounds like free masonry or skull and bones sorority stuff. Very creepy.

When will Werner Enterprises go extinct?

--- WernerScrews 10-4