Wednesday, June 27, 2007

An Educated Driver is Not A Werner Driver

WernerScrews is confused by the love and loyalty some “drivers” and “employees” exhibit for their leather-clad, whip-in-hand employer: Werner Enterprises. You might say it's perverse.

C.L.'s Spin Doctors
WernerScrews has yet to claim $100 for each driver who does NOT sign with Werner—nor do we want it. We are a very small operation—with the latest Werner info coming from former employees and people who search the web. The same doesn't hold true for Werner. Each driver benefits Werner financially—not just a driver who receives low-wages either. No wonder the employee turnover resembles fast-food statistics—thousands and thousands hired.

This web site and blog have placed blemishes on Werner's squeaky clean PR image--an image that C.L. wants to faithfully preserve. Werner is a high-tech company. Several Werner employees “work” the truck-driving forums. (Employees hired by Werner Enterprises for manipulating positive PR.) They do not offer unbiased opinions either.

Here is the cast of characters who bait the WernerScrews' forums.

Personal Attack Guy
“Why is this website still up?”
“This guy couldn't cut it as a Werner truck driver. He smashed up a Werner truck. I would fire him to.”

These posts are called deflection. They switch the focus on me and off Werner. Naturally, they must discredit me, so Werner looks good. By the way, I never smashed up a Werner truck; I only blew out a back tire. The stories, like goat's milk and snake meat, get tastier over time.

Cowboy Capitalist
“You are not a man if you complain about Werner. Only babies complain. Shut-up and drive.”
This appeals to a person with a strong work ethic.

Psycho Driver From Hell / Drug Drivin' Dude
A driver gets fired from Werner for using drugs or acting like a complete nut. This “individual” makes a post at WernerScrews. The former driver or employee complains about mistreatment. Some of these posts are phony. Obviously, a person with half-brain would agree that Werner should fire a driver using drugs. In this case, Werner looks like a responsible company that is interested in safety.

Wish Werner Success—Not on this Blog
Should a company make money? Yes! That was never the issue of this website. HOW Werner makes money is the issue. It's is more than services performed and payment received. Werner behaves above the law--like a Communist Corporation; that is why Werner is in China.

Fraternal Werner Pledge -- I Like That; Please Give Me More
Werner is a paddle to the posterior, but unlike the pledging men at Omega House—from Animal House (1978)—a Werner pledge carries no brotherhood. Thankfully, other former drivers are stepping up to the keyboard and creating Blogs and Websites. Alexander is a programmer and a former Werner Driver; read his Werner experience. Keep Werner in check.

--- WernerScrews 10-4