Sunday, August 29, 2004

Get Real

This Detroit News article is very funny. Especially these quotes:

"...truck drivers are becoming as heavily recruited as Ivy League business majors."

"Companies are offering new drivers financial incentives like first-year pay of $16 an hour plus overtime, profit-sharing and sizable 401(k) matches."

"[A driver at Werner Enterprises] makes slightly less than the average wage of $35,000."

Karen Dybis, of The Detroit News, is a Mold-O-Rama business reporter who wants her readers to feel good. She will never drive a truck or interview a driver with a different opinion. This is sad, but there is no debate in her article--just a warm feeling that the "good times" have returned and that the trucking industry will be the next Gold Rush. I was expecting to read that a truck driver, who works hard, can move into Management; the same hard work will get a driver, now a manager, into the Executive Suite. Opportunities abound--the fountain is overflowing with Hope!

Wake up. I don't see no "pay increases." A company will jettison a higher wage earner as soon as possible. This triple jackpot, money-on-trees chimera will vanish like a mirage in Death Valley. The buzzards will drop dead before Werner Enterprises will pay a proton of a cent extra.

---WernerScrews 10-4