Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Intentional Disregard for Driver Safety

From 1972-2002, L.E. Myers reported to OSHA at least 35 deaths from linemen working on high-voltage power lines.

L.E. Myers defense maintained that the company could not be expected to prevent employee errors--despite numerous safety short-cuts.

The OSHA Commission ruled that federal law holds companies accountable for the failure of supervisors to enforce safety rules.

The precedent is clear with regards to Werner Enterprises. For years, we have heard Werner give excuses like, "…it’s the nature of the business" and "…it’s the nature of the industry." Since a dispatcher acts as a Supervisor, any DOT violation that occurs with the knowledge and condonation of the dispatcher becomes an intentional disregard for driver safety. Werner Enterprises is held accountable. I wonder how many drivers sued Werner claiming OSHA violations. One thing is certain--the DOT doesn’t act against Werner. Werner’s safety record during the past five years is proof positive that inaction is deadly.

If you are going to sue Werner Enterprises, the linemen’s OSHA case is your fodder.

---WernerScrews 10-4

Friday, November 07, 2003

A few months ago, WernerScrews was banned from TruckZ.com’s forum. The flimsy reason was WernerScrews perpetuated slander against Werner Enterprises. The fact is TruckZ.com had strong financial interest to keep Werner Enterprises as a "good pal." Those little banners on web sites generate revenue and money is what trucking is all about. Naive and desperate students keep companies like TruckZ.com in business.

The issue came up about highway fatalities and what Werner Enterprises has been doing about it. The argument was this, crash statistics—a tragic part of trucking—cannot be blamed on the carrier, but it is the driver who is wholly responsible for safety.

WernerScrews begs to differ. For the past four years, safety at Werner Enterprises has been decreasing. Highway fatalities and crashes are increasing at an alarming rate! WernerScrews believes that the QualComm is the nexus of tragedy. Werner uses the QualComm to their corporate advantage. Driver’s safety is not, and never will be, an issue.

TruckZ.com had the audacity to claim WernerScrews was delighted to report about these causalities. It doesn’t! To date, I don’t see one website that scrutinizes Werner. TruckZ.com likes to report about the fluffy issues of trucking life--like women flashing their breasts at drivers. Get real TruckZ.com!! TruckZ.com will never discuss Werner’s safety problems. This Chart shows Werner's declining safety during the past five years.

The DOT released the 2002 crash statistics for Werner Enterprises--One fatal crash for every 391 tractors and one crash for every 15 tractors. While taking a trip out West, I saw over 15 Werner trucks and I wondered if the Werner driver was wide awake and in command of his vehicle. If I pass a second Werner truck, what’s his/her condition? The general public doesn’t have an idea how deadly Werner is. That’s why Werner has a public relations dragster.

One question needs to be answered by Werner Enterprises. What has Werner been doing to increase safety? To date all their efforts appear fruitless.

The last issue, if Werner cannot reform itself, it’s time the government stop being lethargic and take crucial steps to reform trucking and increase highway safety. Werner Enterprises is a menace to society and they have no right to be in business.

---WernerScrews 10-4