Monday, November 05, 2007

Werner Enterprises is feeling the pinch. Investors, to put it mildly, are not happy how Werner Enterprises’ stocks are performing. Business buzzwords mean nothing to investors--U.S. Customs Broker, licensed Freight Forwarder in China, licensed China NVOCC and a TSA approved Indirect Air Carrier.

What investors want to know is how Werner Enterprises is making money in China or what Werner Enterprises is doing in China? These questions need to be sufficiently answered.

Mr. Steele’s report might focus on how market share in China will be developed. In short, Werner Enterprises is losing money in China. This is natural for any international business starting in China. But, is Werner Enterprises too late? U.S. companies that are enjoying profitability in China have been in China over 10 years. And there are plenty of other shipping companies in China at this moment--Maersk, UPS, and DHL. Werner Enterprises cannot claim deep knowledge or experience in China . Werner Enterprises is a new kid on the block in a convoluted business maze. A small branch office located in the central business district of Shanghai might signal to investors that Werner Enterprises can no longer compete in the U.S. market or excessive, useless overseas spending is not producing tangible results.

November 7th, investors will have a perfect opportunity to question Werner Enterprises' international business model.

From Business Wire:

OMAHA, Neb.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Werner Enterprises, Inc. (Nasdaq:WERN), one of the nation’s largest truckload transportation and logistics companies, will be making two presentations to the investment community.

The first presentation will be held at the Baird Industrial Conference on Wednesday, November 7, 2007, in Chicago. The presentation by John J. Steele, Executive Vice President, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer, will begin at 11:05 A.M. (EST) and will be approximately 30 minutes in length, including questions and answers after the presentation.

---WernerScrews 10-4

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Werner Enterprises -- Not a Halloween Scare, but a Real Screwing

What isn't said is more important than what is said. Case in point, Werner Enterprises is not on the list of the 100 most respected companies. Rodney Dangerfield would be right at home with Werner Enterprises. (Sorry Rodney about the bad joke.)

Werner Enterprises is gearing up for the holiday shipping (screwing) season. If you are looking for work, gear-up at another company.

---WernerScrews 10-4

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fast Food Trucking

You have to give credit where credit is due. Werner Enterprises is not the best or safest trucking company out on the roads, but it is the most visible. Visible in driver recruitment and making a sales pitch to companies--who need products shipped from Point A to Point B. Werner Enterprises is McDonald’s; C.L. Werner is Ray Kroc--who commoditized the rough and tumble trucking industry. Some would hail C.L. Werner as a hero and great businessman, however, he is no greater or worse than the rest; C.L. had a successful business plan how to screw drivers and obtain shipping contracts. That’s all.

Why Werner Enterprises Sucks

WernerScrews has been around for seven years. The relevancy of the website and this WebBlog are clear. Werner Enterprises is committed to screwing the driver and this won’t change anytime soon. Werner profits by each hot, new body that comes into their organization. Read this news article why.

Here is a link of a person like me making comments about Werner Enterprises.

Very disappointed and angry with Werner Enterprises

Back at the WernerScrews Guestbook, J.J. made some comments about Werner Enterprises spamming unemployed Illinois Department of Economic Security clients.


I was recently laid off, 25 yrs of experience.

Illinois Dept. of Unemployment kept sending job prospects from Werner at a rate of 6-9 per day.

I forwarded this URL [WernerScrews Website] to IDES. No more Werner spam. Thanks


I was very happy to hear that the Illinois Department of Economic Security considers Werner Enterprises an insecure employer and that J.J. can devote his time looking for better employment instead of wasting his time deleting Werner spam or possibly being lured into working for an unscrupulous outfit. It is also interesting to hear that Werner Enterprises is using spam as a form of recruitment. Werner Enterprises will deal in anything low. Werner Enterprises will conveniently deny knowledge of spamming and, finally, terminate an overzealous recruiter; this procedure is getting old.

Tools of the Trade

Werner Enterprises has two tried and true methods of dealing with people who complain about the Big Blue Screw—Intimidation and Defamation. It is interesting that I would be the subject of a stake-out 7 years ago. Some gentleman with black-glasses was parked in a car across the street where I lived just when the WernerScrews Website was created. Maybe this was a coincidence. I approached the vehicle “to give him directions,” but he drove away.

Defamation is Werner’s preferred tool. People with criticism are cry babies, silver-spooned adults, slackers, mentally insane and the list goes on. I know because I’ve been called them all. These Puritanesque, ironic comments always come from Werner Enterprises’ drivers with over 10 years experience OR individuals with NO financial interests in Werner Enterprises and NO email address.

Newbie drivers, Werner Enterprises will ALWAYS be right. A character by the name of Shuffler has been drumming up positive PR for the Big Blue Screw for over seven years now! He must have a really peachy job with Werner, so he can step up to the plate and defame or criticize anyone who had a bad experience with Werner Enterprises. Shuffler’s posts are all the same…go to this department and speak to this person…go to that department and speak to that person…finally, speak to an executive. According to Shuffler (sounds like a magician and his deck of cards), taking these steps set you apart from Joe Trucker and prove you are a responsible and professional trucker. Shuffler is a master of propaganda--he will even admit Werner Enterprises is not perfect. His arguments appeal to a “gentlemen logic” that Werner will give you a fair handshake, if you give them one. The second you turn around, Werner will shoot your spine.

There is always a job opening at Werner Enterprises; this is by design. Drive elsewhere or not at all. Don’t give Werner Enterprises the satisfaction. Other drivers and I made a mistake selecting Werner Enterprises. Thankfully, you do not have to.

---WernerScrews 10-4

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Werner Crash Statistics -- Werner vs. UPS Freight

An updated Werner safety record follows and the results are not surprising. These statistics answer a tired question: Has Werner's safety record improved? You be the judge. The Werner statistics are available here:

Werner Enterprises State Reported Crashes (within 30 months)
Contains data as of August 24, 2007

Number of Vehicles Involved in State Reported Crashes 1,969
Number of Vehicles Involved in Crashes Resulting in Fatalities 48
Number of Vehicles Involved in Crashes Resulting in Injuries 712
Average Number of Power Units 10,618.0
Number of Drivers 12,651

UPS Ground Freight State Reported Crashes (within 30 months)
Contains data as of August 24, 2007

Number of Vehicles Involved in State Reported Crashes 571
Number of Vehicles Involved in Crashes Resulting in Fatalities 17
Number of Vehicles Involved in Crashes Resulting in Injuries 210
Average Number of Power Units 6,642.3
Number of Drivers 8,260

Feel free to pick another truck company for a third comparison. An interesting statistic is the number of Werner's power units to drivers; a good company doesn't need to recruit 2000 drivers.

---WernerScrews 10-4

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Omaha Adolf – Raiders of the Lost Arrowheads

WernerScrews has unearthed another rotting corpse in Werner’s quiver: Grave Robbing.

From Flickr:

"The board room itself was also visible from the main lobby. I didn't know it at first, but was later told that the table in the board room was custom made. It had a glass top with an amazing display of Indian arrowheads. Apparently there's a member of the Werner board that has among the most extensive arrowhead collections in the world. When the collection under the glass was assembled, the staff even used masks and white gloves."

A Werner Enterprises' Board of Director, correct my accusations if they are false with solid proof as to the legitimate source of the arrowheads, is engaged in collecting Indian arrowheads. Antiquarians are a polite name for grave robbers; a name used for people who profit from cultural antiquities.

In many cases, obtaining cultural history may be legal, but rarely ethical. Two concerns from professional Anthropologists are that amateurs and antiquarians destroy stratigraphy and are ignorant/disrespectful of the culture they are robbing. Organic materials are destroyed—for example, middens and charcoal. Antiquarians only seek enduring remnants (lithics and pottery), which can be sold. The natural question to ask Werner's Board of Director is where were all these arrowheads found and was a university called to perform an excavation? The Director is guilty of grave robbing, until he has supporting evidence.

Indian Arrowhead sites provide valuable anthropological information on the lifestyles of Native Americans. If an archaeological excavation is performed at the state or university level, information is published and made available to the public, but Werner’s designer arrowhead table, is considered private property—enjoyed by Werner’s Board of Directors, Executive Management and an under-paid janitor who is ordered to clean the coffee spills.

Werner's Hyper-aggressive XYY Mentality and Universal Disrespect for Humanity

In the likes of Rockefeller and Carnegie, C.L. has a truck museum and Big Blue Discounts. Werner, like Uncle McDonald’s, offers minimum wage employment to keep the undesirables of society just off welfare—with the tantalizing chimera of career advancement and internal promotion. Werner Enterprises employs thousands of workers and this fact alone makes them a “respected company”—worthy of the highest admiration and praise from the public.

Next, C.L. Werner what is up with the Plaque of Deceased Drivers who died under Werner employment? Is that a sick tribute, a mockery or both? This plaque could be seen at various Werner terminals.

This might seem like exaggeration, but it is well within Werner’s skewed logic as new, viable antiques for C.L's corporate boardroom.

1. A coprolite statue of C.L.’s head
2. A door knob from the skull of a Werner driver who passed away when hauling Kellogg’s Fruit Loops.

Sounds like free masonry or skull and bones sorority stuff. Very creepy.

When will Werner Enterprises go extinct?

--- WernerScrews 10-4

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Big Blue Bozos

Werner Enterprises has several trucking related accidents a day. Ever wonder what happens to Werner's damaged cargo?

Disposed of? Salvaged and Recycled? The Omaha Boy Scouts?

Sold to Suckers!!

Another Werner's SS (Specialized Screw) business plans:

Big Blue Bargains

More like Big Blue Screws.

WernerScrews detractors are quick to point out Werner would NEVER do this. Friends, this is not a joke. This is Werner.

Bye-bye Wal-Mart and Best Buy. The new cost-saving giant is Werner World.

Werner is going retail. No questions about that!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Werner Enterprises -- Still Learning

Several years ago, I bought a Werner Enterprises hat. Now, I could show all those “other” truckers that I had the support of a large, driver oriented company. I made sure I wore my blue and yellow hat everywhere. I was a company man for the Big-Blue machine and was proud as punch! The hat is still in fine shape.

C.L's Retail Lesson
Werner Enterprises can learn a few lessons from Henry Ford. Werner's hats last far too long. Henry Ford was wickedly wise when he reduced the quality of the kingpin; the kingpin was the only part of the Model T that lasted in car junkyards; all other automotive parts wore out.

Most Werner employees last only a few months, so a cheaper hat is in order. Even if a Werner driver lasts several years, a long-term Werner driver would be more than happy to buy a second hat! A one-cent savings on a hat, could translate into saving millions of dollars and larger profits! Reduce hat quality and increase hat price!

Werner's Retail Lesson 2 -- Learn From Best Buy

If this website doesn't say enough:

Best Buy's Receipt Check

Best Buy even created dual, semi-identical websites--internal and external. The external website had a lower price and the internal website had a higher price. That's pretty clever.

My story is not poor customer service or factory seconds. The very fabric of this country—Freedom of Speech—is being flaunted by Best Buy.

A few weeks ago, my parents were shopping at Best Buy. A customer was looking at washing machines and they asked my parents which models were good. My father heard one model had a problem with the control panel catching fire. The saleslady was swift to add this was not true for the models Best Buy were selling. The saleslady yelled at my parents and asked a body-builder salesman to issue a warning to my parents: shut up or leave the store. Sometime later, another salesperson asked my parents to leave the store; my parents did so peacefully.

This is the America our troops in Iraq are fighting for! In the not-so-distant future, there will only be four U.S. companies--Werner Enterprises, Microsoft, Best Buy and McDonald's. It is ironic that the very principles of Freedom of Speech and democracy allowed these four companies to become what they are; then they have a change of heart and feel these principles do not apply when they conduct business.

It will take Werner some time to catch up with Best Buy and their retail tricks. However, Werner is taking careful notes.

---WernerScrews 10-4

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

An Educated Driver is Not A Werner Driver

WernerScrews is confused by the love and loyalty some “drivers” and “employees” exhibit for their leather-clad, whip-in-hand employer: Werner Enterprises. You might say it's perverse.

C.L.'s Spin Doctors
WernerScrews has yet to claim $100 for each driver who does NOT sign with Werner—nor do we want it. We are a very small operation—with the latest Werner info coming from former employees and people who search the web. The same doesn't hold true for Werner. Each driver benefits Werner financially—not just a driver who receives low-wages either. No wonder the employee turnover resembles fast-food statistics—thousands and thousands hired.

This web site and blog have placed blemishes on Werner's squeaky clean PR image--an image that C.L. wants to faithfully preserve. Werner is a high-tech company. Several Werner employees “work” the truck-driving forums. (Employees hired by Werner Enterprises for manipulating positive PR.) They do not offer unbiased opinions either.

Here is the cast of characters who bait the WernerScrews' forums.

Personal Attack Guy
“Why is this website still up?”
“This guy couldn't cut it as a Werner truck driver. He smashed up a Werner truck. I would fire him to.”

These posts are called deflection. They switch the focus on me and off Werner. Naturally, they must discredit me, so Werner looks good. By the way, I never smashed up a Werner truck; I only blew out a back tire. The stories, like goat's milk and snake meat, get tastier over time.

Cowboy Capitalist
“You are not a man if you complain about Werner. Only babies complain. Shut-up and drive.”
This appeals to a person with a strong work ethic.

Psycho Driver From Hell / Drug Drivin' Dude
A driver gets fired from Werner for using drugs or acting like a complete nut. This “individual” makes a post at WernerScrews. The former driver or employee complains about mistreatment. Some of these posts are phony. Obviously, a person with half-brain would agree that Werner should fire a driver using drugs. In this case, Werner looks like a responsible company that is interested in safety.

Wish Werner Success—Not on this Blog
Should a company make money? Yes! That was never the issue of this website. HOW Werner makes money is the issue. It's is more than services performed and payment received. Werner behaves above the law--like a Communist Corporation; that is why Werner is in China.

Fraternal Werner Pledge -- I Like That; Please Give Me More
Werner is a paddle to the posterior, but unlike the pledging men at Omega House—from Animal House (1978)—a Werner pledge carries no brotherhood. Thankfully, other former drivers are stepping up to the keyboard and creating Blogs and Websites. Alexander is a programmer and a former Werner Driver; read his Werner experience. Keep Werner in check.

--- WernerScrews 10-4

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another Anti-Werner Blog

After six years, WernerScrews is pleased to report that Lady Trucker has created a WebLog. Right on!

Cool name.

You can read her story here. This sentence pretty much tells it all.

“They violated what every working person wants... respect and loyalty.”

Proving once again, Werner doesn’t give a rodent’s butt about its employees.

Creating a Blog is easy and Werner Enterprises hopes screwed employees won’t bother. Werner Enterprises can dismiss one website, but its hired guns—those who work in Marketing and PR—have a much harder time discrediting two or more complaint sites.

WernerScrews received an e-mail from a truck dispatcher. They write:

“Just wanted you to know that I'm not surprised by this site. I know this is

hard for drivers to believe, but they treat dispatchers the same way, at least

the night and weekend people. If a guy would call me and tell me he was tired,

I'd tell him to stop, JT load or not. And trust me, I was busy...I usually had

300 trucks to watch on my shift. There were countless times when a driver would

call me very emotional, wanting to why his home load was taken, as he was

heading home for home time and/or had a family emergency. Even if we put the

note in Qualcomm to send the driver home, days and/or management would take that

load from him. And who got the brunt of their anger? You got it, we did.”

No one is surprised how Werner treats its office employees. However, WernerScrews receives very few comments from its office workers. Send them in! Especially when your at the office busting your butt for C.L.!

Werner Enterprises’ Top Executives Feather Bedding

Executive Pay: The 9/11 Factor (based on a Wall Street Journal article)

WSJ: "As stocks sank after the 9/11 attacks, scores of companies rushed to issue options to top officials. For recipients of options, the lower their company's stock price when options are awarded the better, since the options grant a right to buy shares at that price for years to come. The grants set recipients up for millions of dollars in profit if the shares recovered. Here is a look at grants made in September 2001."

“ Werner Enterprises
Number of top-level executives receiving grants: 5
Total estimated Black-Scholes value at time of grants: $8.5 million
Difference between Sept. 10 close and the options' exercise price: Down 26%

Company comment: Chief Financial Officer John J. Steele said the Sept. 28 grant did not mark a yearly low, and said "no one knew what direction the market was going to move in the future."

The Enron-style executives at Werner Enterprises are Mr. Steele and Mr. Reiser—the “brains” behind Werner Enterprises; ethics are left in the dust to die.

--- WernerScrews 10-4

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bottom Feeding—Not Good Enough

Werner is never satisfied. International dreams of domination drift Werner Enterprises into the global arena—an arena where Werner has NO expertise and NO product or usable service to offer.

Werner hopes to become the next Motorola in China. However, Motorola produces mobile phones. What does Werner offer China?

Werner does no trucking itself in China, instead contracting for its customers with the emerging Chinese trucking industry. Werner's new freight forwarding business

The transportation industry in China is fierce; this is NOT an emerging industry.

The largest transportation company in China is COSCO; COSCO can handle freight forwarding rather well.

The WTO seemingly provided equal footing for foreign companies to do business in China.

At first, Werner will be granted “preferential treatment” in China--much like it has received in the U.S.

Once Werner's Chinese employees learn the business, they will form their own company. Werner will be squeezed out sooner or later; the Chinese Government will always favor a Chinese business over a foreign one.

Werner Executive Management is naive to believe that the “successful” U.S. model of doing business can be transplanted in China.

In conclusion, Werner shareholders need to understand how successful foreign companies survive in China--namely, Intel, Motorola and GM.

Werner is merely capitalizing on International buzzwords and Cloud 9 business models.

Freight forwarding is the smallest of the three, Steele said, but has the most potential for growth.

FUD – Fear, Uncertainty Doubt?
Visit China
and learn for yourself.

Werner is clearly out of its league and should focus on its U.S. operations—cleaning up its safety record, respecting employees as human beings and ceasing its authoritarian behavior.

---WernerScrews 10-4
C.L. in Shanghai

Set your browser for Chinese Language Encoding. Here's Werner's first Chinese (Mandarin) lesson.

Chinese Lesson One:

Playboy 花花公子 (hua hua gong zi):
Most Chinese know this English word. Playboy is a famous name brand of women's and men's shoes. Greg, Dad is hunting some low-mileage women; keep the business on track as C.L. has himself a good time with the little chicks 妓女 (jin nu).

Cheater 骗子 (pian zi). Certainly a word every Werner knows.

C.L. will have it easy in China--only one party to bribe 贿赂 (hui lu). He learned all the tricks when giving "campaign contributions in the U.S."

Another old, horny American businessman with Yellow fever hitting the streets of Shanghai. C.L. your actions reflect Americans so--honestly--keep your yin jing 阳物 in your pants.

---WernerScrews 10-4

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Werner's Promises, Promises and Promises

Werner Enterprises has one of the slickest recruiting websites on the internet. It's pretty darn persuasive. A driver/student driver might believe they will earn decent money working for Werner.

Transportation is a competitive industry and Werner's specialty—the ordinary transportation of business and consumer products—is bottom feeding on tight margins—like Swift, Hunt and similarly WalMart. Despite Werner's slogan, specialized carrier, Werner is not a specialized transportation company.

Werner's Chief Financial Officer Mr. Steele:
"We're seeing a little bit of improved driver recruiting as a result (of both)," Steele said.

In other words, Werner is axing the highest paid drivers and replacing them with equally experienced lower-paid drivers. That's the only logical conclusion one can make from Mr. Steele's statement. Werner has reported a 29% lose this year and the trucking industry is down--at this time.

A few clicks away, Werner's company driver recruiting web page claims $37,306 year. Good money for a driver with less than one year experience. Team drivers are promised $100,000 - $150,000 a year. Good luck.

Student drivers are a good portion of Werner's fleet. WernerScrews guessed that student drivers were earning the same $325 -- $350 week in 2007--the same salary they were earning in 2001. Check Werner's website. Werner neglects inflation.

A lot of conflicting information and promises. Do your homework before joining Werner.

---WernerScrews 10-4

Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Million Screws, Boy Scout PR and Werner Vacations
A trio of Werner news:
1. OMAHA, Neb. -- Boy Scouts across the Omaha metro had an early start on Saturday collecting food for the Omaha Food Bank.

The scouts' annual Scouting for Food Drive started a week ago when the troops left bags at homes asking for donated food items.

On Saturday, the boys collected those bags full of food and Werner Enterprises helped out by donating a truck to make the delivery.

Werner Cares; Werner donated one truck to help feed the hungry! The name WernerScrews no longer reflects Werner's new business practices.

2. Million-Miler Marker
My hat goes off to Mr. Bill Jefferson. He worked ten years for Werner and received--"...a plaque in honor of the feat; Jefferson also received patches, stickers and a gold watch." The biggest accomplishment is, of course, no accidents. A good driver that any respectable (or un-respectable) company would be honored to have.
Here is another interesting statement:
"He and his wife have talked about him finding a new line of work by this fall."
A bright future at Werner's Omaha Office? Or another field of work? Who knows? Unfortunately, not all Werner's employees have a similar experience as Mr. Jefferson.
Has Werner turned over a new leaf? Has WernerScrews been too hard?
3. April 18, 2007 -- Werner deletes infamous rural route from system

A driver for Werner Enterprises Inc. survived after his rig got stuck in rural Oregon this week. His truck, however, didn’t fare as well.

The driver – Ricky Johnson, 44 – was heading west from Interstate 5 to Brookings, OR, when his tractor-trailer got stuck on winding Bear Camp Road, according to KOBI-TV. The news station reported that the driver’s tires began spinning as he tried to accelerate the truck free, causing the tires to catch fire and eventually destroy the trailer and back of the truck.

Bear Camp Road made national headlines last year when the Kim family became lost and trapped on a nearby unpaved side road. The incident resulted in the death of father and husband James Kim, who left his family in the car to find help after being stranded for nine days.

The road was recently deleted from Werner’s company system, KOBI-TV reported.
Werner quickly removed this bad route (after two reported incidents); most removals take five years! Thankfully, no one was hurt--only Werner's trailer. Imagine Werner Vacations--where Werner plans a "perfect vacation" for tourists. Mark my words, after Greg or C.L. reads this blog, they will consider this new line of business.

--- WernerScrews 10-4

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Life in the Fast Lane
Where did Werner Enterprises find this nut-case? How about a background check? How about a hair follicle check? (According to internet research, meth use is detectable for 90 days using a hair check.) Folks, Werner will never perform a hair check and will continue to hire crackheads (or related substance abusers) because working for Werner will rehabilitate them. Meanwhile, if a Werner drug test finds an a non-user guilty—Werner will not bother with a re-test.

Let's just find a guy doing meth and hire him.
C.L.: Sounds good to me. As long as he works cheap.
Werner: Okay C.L.

My only question, where does a substance abuser find the money?
Officers cleared in trucker's 'delirium' death
Coroner cites meth as cause
Thomas Clouse
Staff writer
April 6, 2007
An investigation into the death of a methamphetamine-injecting Texas trucker, who later died during a scuffle with Spokane police last May, has cleared officers of any wrongdoing.
Spokane County Prosecutor Steve Tucker said the May 24 death of 40-year-old Roger D. Hanks was an "excusable homicide."
Hanks died just moments after two Spokane police officers pulled him from the cab of a tractor-trailer, handcuffed him and placed him on his belly.
"It was a felony stop, so (officers) were authorized to use force to take him into custody," Tucker said.
Dr. Marco Ross, of the Spokane County Medical Examiner's Office, determined the cause of death to be "cardiopulmonary arrest associated with a prone restraint position during a methamphetamine-induced excited delirium."
Though the city has begun to train first responders on how to treat patients suffering from "excited delirium," the mainstream medical community has yet to recognize it as a scientifically accepted diagnosis.
In most of the medical studies used in the training, the people exhibiting excited delirium were found to be under the influence of meth or cocaine. About 10 percent had a mental illness.
Medical Examiner Dr. Sally Aiken used a similar diagnosis for the cause of death of Otto Zehm, who died March 20, 2006, after a confrontation two days earlier with Spokane police in which the mentally ill janitor was hogtied, placed on his stomach and had a plastic mask placed over his face.
Local and federal investigations into Zehm's death have not yet been completed. But Tucker said the Hanks investigation landed on his desk about two weeks ago.
Hanks' 32-year-old girlfriend, who was a passenger in the truck, later told investigators that for several days prior he had been injecting himself with large amounts of meth.
Hanks and his girlfriend had stopped at a Broadway Avenue truck stop just off of Interstate 90 in Spokane Valley to rest. Just before 3 a.m. on May 24, Hanks began erratically driving westbound on I-90, police said at the time.
Hanks, who was driving a Peterbilt truck hauling a payload of Gatorade, then took the Hamilton Street exit and entered the Gonzaga University area.
He appeared to be trying to run people down, police said at the time. Witnesses said they heard a woman screaming as the Werner Enterprises truck passed them.
Hanks' girlfriend jumped out of the cab after it backed into a parked van near Sharp Avenue and Columbus Street.
Officers responded at about 3:06 a.m. and began pursuing the truck, which never exceeded 25 mph. During the pursuit, Hanks tried to ram at least one car, police spokesman Cpl. Tom Lee said.
The slow pursuit finally ended near Riverside Avenue and Division Street, but Hanks refused to come out of the cab even after officers sent in a canine and had his girlfriend attempt to coax him out.
---WernerScrews 10-4

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Same 'Ole Screwing

Werner Enterprises has some pretty slick salespeople and prospective drivers think they can get something out of Werner, so they sign. Reading the latest Rip-off reports indicates nothing has changed at Werner for 7 years. And why should they? Werner's profits are high and if driver causes "trouble" they can be replaced; Werner has NO interest in keeping drivers. Truck driving can be a rewarding career, but slaving for Werner doesn't help the driver or industry. Stand up and walk away from Werner.

---WernerScrews 10-4

Monday, February 26, 2007

All in the Family

Greg Werner is the new Screw-O-Matic King for Werner Enterprises. Expect no positive changes as C.L. will keep his eyes open and his wallet tight. Safety will be last!

And Werner is in China now. Werner has screwed U.S. drivers so good, that Werner will try to cheat Chinese drivers as well. With no hours-of-service in China, Werner can run a driver for 24 hours a day and pay them about $100 a month--or less. No joke when WernerScrews wrote: World Domination...Werner's SS World...Screw 'em.


This is a good article by Stephen Labaton and the Amherst Times that discusses safety and the unholy alliance between the Feds and Werner.

A Family’s Lawsuit

After Ms. Edwards’s death, her only son, Steve, a professional musician in Chicago, sued the trucking company, Werner Enterprises of Omaha, and the driver involved in the accident, John L. McNeal, 36. Mr. McNeal was dismissed shortly after the accident.

Mr. McNeal said in a sworn deposition that he had been tired from driving all day from Tennessee without a break. He had been in the cab for about 12 hours, including about 8 hours at the wheel. Because he had been driving trucks professionally for only a month, he was assigned a trainer, who had slept much of the trip.

After Mr. McNeal acknowledged he was at fault, Werner Enterprises settled the lawsuit for $2.4 million. Werner’s general counsel, Richard S. Reiser, said that the company had a strong safety record and that its training program far exceeded the federal requirements.

[That's a sick joke.]

Mr. Reiser said that Mr. McNeal was in compliance with both the old and new work hour rules but acknowledged he was unfamiliar with the proposals by safety groups that would have prevented the driver from working as long as he did that day. He also said that any driver who was tired should stop, regardless of how long he had been on the road.

“The driver should be the one who says, ‘If I’m tired, I should pull over,’ ” Mr. Reiser said.

[How often have we heard that lie? If a Werner driver pulls over and sleeps, they will be terminated or forced to quit.]

Mr. Edwards, though, thinks responsibility for safety goes beyond individual drivers, and links his mother’s death to the Bush administration’s decisions against imposing tighter driving limits. “These drivers are working hard every day on the road to make a living,” he said. “They are overtired and underpaid.”
WernerScrews 10-4

Monday, January 01, 2007

Makes you Think

This article from the Dallas News finally hits a nerve and provides several reasons why Werner Enterprises places last for safety and employee retention.

Trucking companies make no bones about their willingness to hire ex-convicts. Werner Enterprises of Omaha, Neb., one of the nation's largest carriers, rejects applicants with drunken-driving convictions within the last five years but doesn't exclude other criminal convictions, according to its Web site. --------------------------------------------------------
The article goes on to describe the incentives Werner receives from hiring convicts and the consequences (safety issues) from this practice. Everyone deserves a second chance, but working for Werner--Corporate Criminal from this blog's eyes--one reformed-right (convict) and one wrong is not an ideal partnership. The Dallas News should investigate Werner Enterprises next

--- WernerScrews 10-4

Take a Hint
According to the Omaha World-Herald, Work for Werner--forget the holidays and extra pay...
Just another day working for Mr. C.L. Scrooge and Werner Enterprises.
Dec. 26--Being on the road on Christmas Day is the norm for Walter Brathwaite.

"I've worked so many Christmases in a row . . . I really don't mind it," Brathwaite said Monday morning as he was leaving Sapp Bros. truck stop in Omaha after refilling two huge coffee mugs.

Brathwaite, a truck driver for Werner Enterprises, said family members -- his wife in North Bonneville, Wash., and mother in North Carolina -- would rather he was at home, but he understands and has accepted the demands of his job, which took him to Rapid City, S.D., on Monday.
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