Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Big Blue Bozos

Werner Enterprises has several trucking related accidents a day. Ever wonder what happens to Werner's damaged cargo?

Disposed of? Salvaged and Recycled? The Omaha Boy Scouts?

Sold to Suckers!!

Another Werner's SS (Specialized Screw) business plans:

Big Blue Bargains

More like Big Blue Screws.

WernerScrews detractors are quick to point out Werner would NEVER do this. Friends, this is not a joke. This is Werner.

Bye-bye Wal-Mart and Best Buy. The new cost-saving giant is Werner World.

Werner is going retail. No questions about that!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Werner Enterprises -- Still Learning

Several years ago, I bought a Werner Enterprises hat. Now, I could show all those “other” truckers that I had the support of a large, driver oriented company. I made sure I wore my blue and yellow hat everywhere. I was a company man for the Big-Blue machine and was proud as punch! The hat is still in fine shape.

C.L's Retail Lesson
Werner Enterprises can learn a few lessons from Henry Ford. Werner's hats last far too long. Henry Ford was wickedly wise when he reduced the quality of the kingpin; the kingpin was the only part of the Model T that lasted in car junkyards; all other automotive parts wore out.

Most Werner employees last only a few months, so a cheaper hat is in order. Even if a Werner driver lasts several years, a long-term Werner driver would be more than happy to buy a second hat! A one-cent savings on a hat, could translate into saving millions of dollars and larger profits! Reduce hat quality and increase hat price!

Werner's Retail Lesson 2 -- Learn From Best Buy

If this website doesn't say enough:


Best Buy's Receipt Check

Best Buy even created dual, semi-identical websites--internal and external. The external website had a lower price and the internal website had a higher price. That's pretty clever.

My story is not poor customer service or factory seconds. The very fabric of this country—Freedom of Speech—is being flaunted by Best Buy.

A few weeks ago, my parents were shopping at Best Buy. A customer was looking at washing machines and they asked my parents which models were good. My father heard one model had a problem with the control panel catching fire. The saleslady was swift to add this was not true for the models Best Buy were selling. The saleslady yelled at my parents and asked a body-builder salesman to issue a warning to my parents: shut up or leave the store. Sometime later, another salesperson asked my parents to leave the store; my parents did so peacefully.

This is the America our troops in Iraq are fighting for! In the not-so-distant future, there will only be four U.S. companies--Werner Enterprises, Microsoft, Best Buy and McDonald's. It is ironic that the very principles of Freedom of Speech and democracy allowed these four companies to become what they are; then they have a change of heart and feel these principles do not apply when they conduct business.

It will take Werner some time to catch up with Best Buy and their retail tricks. However, Werner is taking careful notes.

---WernerScrews 10-4