Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Werner Enterprises -- Not a Halloween Scare, but a Real Screwing

What isn't said is more important than what is said. Case in point, Werner Enterprises is not on the list of the 100 most respected companies. Rodney Dangerfield would be right at home with Werner Enterprises. (Sorry Rodney about the bad joke.)

Werner Enterprises is gearing up for the holiday shipping (screwing) season. If you are looking for work, gear-up at another company.

---WernerScrews 10-4

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fast Food Trucking

You have to give credit where credit is due. Werner Enterprises is not the best or safest trucking company out on the roads, but it is the most visible. Visible in driver recruitment and making a sales pitch to companies--who need products shipped from Point A to Point B. Werner Enterprises is McDonald’s; C.L. Werner is Ray Kroc--who commoditized the rough and tumble trucking industry. Some would hail C.L. Werner as a hero and great businessman, however, he is no greater or worse than the rest; C.L. had a successful business plan how to screw drivers and obtain shipping contracts. That’s all.

Why Werner Enterprises Sucks

WernerScrews has been around for seven years. The relevancy of the website and this WebBlog are clear. Werner Enterprises is committed to screwing the driver and this won’t change anytime soon. Werner profits by each hot, new body that comes into their organization. Read this news article why.

Here is a link of a person like me making comments about Werner Enterprises.

Very disappointed and angry with Werner Enterprises

Back at the WernerScrews Guestbook, J.J. made some comments about Werner Enterprises spamming unemployed Illinois Department of Economic Security clients.


I was recently laid off, 25 yrs of experience.

Illinois Dept. of Unemployment kept sending job prospects from Werner at a rate of 6-9 per day.

I forwarded this URL [WernerScrews Website] to IDES. No more Werner spam. Thanks


I was very happy to hear that the Illinois Department of Economic Security considers Werner Enterprises an insecure employer and that J.J. can devote his time looking for better employment instead of wasting his time deleting Werner spam or possibly being lured into working for an unscrupulous outfit. It is also interesting to hear that Werner Enterprises is using spam as a form of recruitment. Werner Enterprises will deal in anything low. Werner Enterprises will conveniently deny knowledge of spamming and, finally, terminate an overzealous recruiter; this procedure is getting old.

Tools of the Trade

Werner Enterprises has two tried and true methods of dealing with people who complain about the Big Blue Screw—Intimidation and Defamation. It is interesting that I would be the subject of a stake-out 7 years ago. Some gentleman with black-glasses was parked in a car across the street where I lived just when the WernerScrews Website was created. Maybe this was a coincidence. I approached the vehicle “to give him directions,” but he drove away.

Defamation is Werner’s preferred tool. People with criticism are cry babies, silver-spooned adults, slackers, mentally insane and the list goes on. I know because I’ve been called them all. These Puritanesque, ironic comments always come from Werner Enterprises’ drivers with over 10 years experience OR individuals with NO financial interests in Werner Enterprises and NO email address.

Newbie drivers, Werner Enterprises will ALWAYS be right. A character by the name of Shuffler has been drumming up positive PR for the Big Blue Screw for over seven years now! He must have a really peachy job with Werner, so he can step up to the plate and defame or criticize anyone who had a bad experience with Werner Enterprises. Shuffler’s posts are all the same…go to this department and speak to this person…go to that department and speak to that person…finally, speak to an executive. According to Shuffler (sounds like a magician and his deck of cards), taking these steps set you apart from Joe Trucker and prove you are a responsible and professional trucker. Shuffler is a master of propaganda--he will even admit Werner Enterprises is not perfect. His arguments appeal to a “gentlemen logic” that Werner will give you a fair handshake, if you give them one. The second you turn around, Werner will shoot your spine.

There is always a job opening at Werner Enterprises; this is by design. Drive elsewhere or not at all. Don’t give Werner Enterprises the satisfaction. Other drivers and I made a mistake selecting Werner Enterprises. Thankfully, you do not have to.

---WernerScrews 10-4