Thursday, November 27, 2008


I found this website called created by Starch. It was active for about five months and there has been no activity since May. Starch, please make a post and keep your blog active!

Werner Enterprises has joined YouTube with a video section. One video includes SuperBoy C.L. and steals shots from Superman (1978). I expected the boy C.L. to toss a blue crystal arrowhead and create the "Fortress of Fraud." Instead, the kid grinned like he was crushing a grasshopper into the ground. View for yourself, but have a barf bag handy. Something to be proud of.

Thankfully, other drivers have answered the director's call and filmed Werner. Here are a few:

Big Truck -- What Werner does best!

Werner truck on rock -- Say no more!!

Werner recruitment ad -- It's true, funny and it hurts!

Stay safe and give Werner a holiday gift--your resignation.

---WernerScrews 10-4