Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Your Trust in Clust

Google is a bad habit that needs to be nixed. In the past, Google gave unbiased web rankings. Seems that's not the case anymore. Google went public and commercial interests have a way of creeping into search algorithms, meta tags and a variety of proprietary web ranking technologies. Yes, habits can be changed.

Thankfully, no one is forced to use Microsoft, Google or Hotmail. Find an alternative and give it a whirl.

Two search engines that do a better job than Google:

Clusty.com and Gigablast.com

Is Werner paying its drivers more? More drivers are finding positive things to say about Werner—great miles, good dispatchers, great pay, etc. On the other side of the coin are the negative comments. I have not heard enough “good things” to offset the negative. At the very least, Werner is bowing to current market conditions. There is a saying down South, “Ride Bulls, Meet Nurses.” It seems appropriate, “Drive For Werner, Meet Lawyers.”

---WernerScrews 10-4