Sunday, July 18, 2004

Longing For the Good Ole Days

The real issue is what happened to change the relationship between the Omaha World-Herald and Werner Enterprises. Two negative Werner articles were given Editorial approval. WernerScrews doesn’t buy into the notion of Freedom Of the Press. In a smoke filled, up scale Omaha hotel—or a facsimile thereof, Werner screwed someone over at the Omaha World-Herald. Werner Enterprises was a primary source for Omaha World-Herald's warm and fuzzy business reports. This is a departure from the fluff.

First Settlement Reached—June 26, 2004 Omaha World-Herald article

Want to work for a company that will fire you for going to the hospital? The jury has decided against Werner. You can argue pros and cons about Werner, but this case speaks volumes about of Werner's Management during the time Mr. Phipps and I were employees.

WernerScrews is extremely happy concerning the outcome of this case and it is a positive step forward. However, not everyone goes through the ordeal Mr. Phipps had to endure. He is to be commended on his perseverance to pursue what was legally his and to obtain justice.

The second consequence of this legal decision is that it puts a case on the books. Werner failed to act properly legally, humanely and ethically concerning Mr. Phipps. Certainly, he is not alone.

Losers are Users and Users are Losers—June 25, 2004 Omaha World-Herald article

Just like I learned in Schoolhouse Rock and the crime fighting McGruff--drugs are bad. The second Omaha World-Herald article focused on Curtis Werner’s purge from C.L.'s Camelot. Fear not, Clarence will loan his son money to start a new business, but the loan will have a high interest rate. It is good to hear that Werner’s Executive Management only has a substance abuse problem.

Stay Safe and Drive Clean.

---WernerScrews 10-4

Friday, July 02, 2004

Working For Werner

Opinions are usually based on facts. The conclusions (or opinions) that are contained at WernerScrews are no different. Research is not rocket science and personal experience plays a big part in forming a conclusion.

One criticism received is that WernerScrews is bashing those poor-little-old large trucking companies. However, large companies like UPS and Federal Express demonstrate safer DOT records than Werner Enterprises. Something is clearly wrong at Werner. Could it be the GPS system?

Not all companies are buying into the GPS system. BostonCoach is one. Other models can and are used. Eweek article.

Werner Enterprises internal politics are uninteresting. It is the usual, legendary Werner infighting that is the foundation of this “great” company. The shockwaves from this attitude move down the food chain.

JayB presents an interesting analogy with inmates running an asylum--one I don’t fully acknowledge. An executive should make executive decisions. However, a Werner truck driver needs to be in complete control over her truck and NOT be coerced by a Dispatcher to exceed her limitations.

Another law firm is on the Werner Watch and is offering statistics galore. Werner is fertile ground.

JayB has decided to work for Werner and that’s his choice. Maybe he’ll find a satisfying career. The alternative is what Werner does best: screw.

---WernerScrews 10-4